Thank you for doing a great job for us. When we first met, I was impressed with your confidence and your tenacity.  I felt that you would really be able to hold your own against any agent. Your expertise and professionalism is what sold me. You presented yourself as someone who would bring us big results, and, boy, did you deliver! You proved to be a very strong negotiator, just as I hoped you would. Your outstanding negotiation skills brought us $25,000 OVER the asking price, which is extremely impressive since they first offered us $50,000 UNDER. Needless to say, I am extremely pleased. Put another feather in your cap, and count me as another very satisfied customer. I will definitely recommend you to my friends!

Dawn Maurer
San Jose, CA

"I would like to start by saying "Thank You." You will never know how much you helped us with the sale of our house. When we first met you, we had a great feeling about you. You listened to our concerns and even suggested great ideas for us to sell our home. You have great marketing ideas and even went above and beyond.  I have to admit after we agreed that you would be our Realtor, I never thought or expected that we would get offers so quickly. I tried 3 months myself and got nowhere. I never thought or expected that we would get $35,000 over the asking price. I would like to say thank you again to you and your team for all of your help. I would refer anyone I know that needs a great Realtor to you. I wish you were located in the area I currently moved to, since I will need another Realtor soon. I don't think I will find another person that is as personable as you. Again I thank you, and I know you will go far in this business. You take care of your clients and you don't see much of that anymore. Thanks Adam!" Sincerely, Sue and Lou Jensen

Sue & Lou Jensen
San Jose, CA

I had my 2 bedroom condo listed for sale by owner when I was first approached by Adam. He proposed to maximize my profits by helping me sell it using his unique marketing portfolio. I was skeptical at first, but decided to try. Six days after Adam listed my condo, we had received 4 offers and we accepted an offer that was $12k above asking price. Thanks Adam!

Horace Lau
San Jose, CA

Santana Realty helped me obtain my very first home. My agent Adam, was very courteous and caring of my housing needs and was able to get me the house I wanted for the price I could afford! The whole staff was very friendly and responsive, they were always there to answer my questions which is why I would recommend Santana Realty to those buying or selling a home.

Susana Meza
San Jose, CA

We sold our home after 30 years and purchased a condo in the same area: Evergreen. We used two different Realtors and it was like night and day. Adam Santana helped us to purchase our new home. He was very professional, very knowledgeable, always on top of everything and most importantly; he put up with my constant phone calls and questions. He knew what to do and when to do it. If not for the many problems we had with the Realtor who helped us to sell our home, this would have been a better experience. Thank you, Adam for all your help. Our new home is just great! When we get ready to sell this property and hopefully retire somewhere, you will be the first person we contact. Thanks again, Sharron Gallant

Sharron Gallant
San Jose, CA

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